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With thousands of ETA's, Elvis Tribute Artists, around the world I was greatly honoured to be asked to a television audition organized by the BBC. After my audition held at BBC Television House, London, I was asked if I would be part of a judging panel for one of the most popular TV spin off shows going - Strictly Come Dancing - Take Two. They made it known I was chosen because of my keenness to have fun with the part including the Elvis Voice. I am the Elvis in the Red Vegas Jumpsuit.
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 Charity Shows are something that most Elvi hold close to their hearts. Elvis himself was incredibly generous and an inspiration to many, encouraging all of us to help those not as well off as ourselves. Here I can be seen performing in a shopping mall for poor people in Peru. I sold 70 cd's that day with all the money going to the charity. It was actually one of the major factors that encouraged me to continue my venture as Elvis. Both the film and voice are my own. Remember, it's kind of hard creating an atmosphere in a shopping centre in the day, but still, I was amazed to see people sway to the Elvis charm. A few can even be seen dancing.
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It's great fun being close up with your audience. In this footage you see me performing live at a wedding held in a marquee. It was a very big floor space so the audience are quite spread out. However they were not shy getting up close and having fun. Sorry about the lighting conditions but it's kind of hard having full lighting when you're creating an atmosphere for fun. This was filmed by DTV who also provided a great disco to complement the show.
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I was now ready to take on the World.
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Elvis England now tours World Wide.

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